Should I Invest in a Racehorse?

As the stock market turbulence causes investors to panic and hunt for the options that will give their money something at least resembling a return, some of the truly desperate among us have even considered putting it all on the horses. Are we mad?

Racing is thrilling. The ups and downs, the zero-sum game. The winner takes it all. But is ownership of a thoroughbred really just a rich man’s play thing or is there a smart stategy for making money on the track.

Loving horses is not a prerequisite for racehorse ownership. But it sure does help, especially when our expensive animal is costing a small fortune in maintenance and has yet to even place.

Creative Commons License photo credit: osedgman

Like all smart investments, the real skill is finding the people who can make your money go far. And, again like other investments, finding the best people to manage the investment is in itself an expensive undertaking.

In ViVo Magazine (printed edition) we take a look at the pros and cons of horse racing ownership, asking whether or not it can ever be a sound financial move to put capital in to racing thoroughbred.

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