Tuatara, Nightclub – Kings Road, Chelsea

Tuatara, Nightclub – Kings Road, Chelsea

The latest addition to Chelsea’s rather well stocked collection of impressive night spots is Tuatara, an opulent and inviting member’s club located not far from Sloane Square. Like the best restaurants and bars, this is one venue that you could walk past without noticing if you didn’t know it was there. A modest entrance is all it needs.

The interior concept is well delivered – regal splendour that would satisfy Kings Road’s original owner, Charles II, combines well with the relaxed opulence of the lounges and VIP areas. It’s a nightclub very much in the old school mould, expect a house band, signature cocktails, a restaurant and a roof terrace. There’s a tone of Middle Eastern elegance that subtly characterises this venue.

If you’re looking for somewhere to entertain clients or friends whilst in London, Tuatara offers a blend of style, refinement and personality that will make for a memorable night out.

For guest list and membership enquiries – info@tuataraclub.com

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