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Follow The Leader – Bespoke Adventure Package Delivers Discovery And Style

By Sean O’Meara

If you’ve longed to engage with the planet, to observe its scale, power and vulnerability on a rewarding level, but can’t reconcile the mechanics of explorative travel with your green ideals, then it may be time to redesign your approach to achieving your dream adventure escapade. A large portion of potential adventure travellers are yet to take the plunge due to their environmental concerns and their reservations about the authenticity of planned, guided experiences.  So it’s essential for many that exploratory travel is done in the spirit of conservation and sensitivity for local culture. Respect for nature and fostering a sense of place are at the core of Momentum Adventure’s tread lightly ethos, which is why their bespoke packages are so interesting.

With itineraries crafted to reflect the exacting requirements of the most discerning experiential travelers, Momentum have ushered in an intensely exciting new era for travel of this kind. Empowering their clients to explore the world’s hidden gems with confidence whilst enabling them to maintain a mood of wide-eyed awe is not an easy thing to execute, but these packages deliver such a combination masterfully.

Momentum Adventure’s bespoke itineraries introduce the adventurer to the most intense, satisfying adventures it’s possible to under take. They achieve this whilst maintaining a balance between drama and meticulous planning , this is what sets these experiences apart from other packages. The degree of expertise and passion involved in crafting the itineraries enable anyone from a novice backpacker to an experienced adventurer to sample once in a life time spectacles within a framework of consumate yet unobtrusive professionalism. It is the nature of traditional adventure travel that sacrifices to style and comfort are made to accommodate the essential aspect of discovery, but Momentum’s unique take on the concept allows for the most out of the ordinary experiences possible to flow seamlessly into some of the most luxurious.
Founded by Matthew Robertson, a traveller and explorer whose enthusiasm was sparked on expeditions with leading exponent Mark Diggins, Momentum Adventure’s premise is that every trip should be a voyage of discovery. To ensure this happens, a team member accompanies all adventures alongside world-renowned experts and guides to enhance the personal experience of the extraordinary. Local knowledge and experience add a seam of authenticity that you can’t get with a typical adventure package.

Due to the high level of personalised service, Momentum Adventure escorts little more than a dozen trips a year, each of them tailor-made and subject to detailed preparation. Clients receive one-to-one consultations, a computer programme that charts and monitors the countdown to an expedition, every piece of requisite equipment including top-of-the-range clothing as well as expedition photography as a memento of the journey. Trips can be tailored for individuals and groups, on a personal or corporate basis.

Whether Heli-Skiing in British Columbia or taking on the arid hostility of California’s Baja peninsula in a dune buggy, each journey delivers the ultimate in experiential travel. Rain forests, the Poles, Kashmir – each a unique venue for an intimate encounter with nature. Respite from the high octane activities on offer comes in various sublime forms. From wine tasting, remote hot springs and luxury accommodation in between adventures. It’s a rare opportunity to be able to be pushed to your physical and mental limits before rewarding yourself with a hot tub wind down, in the Arctic. Never before has it been possible to engage with nature so genuinely whilst maintaining a memorable degree of comfort and style.

A series of bespoke (and flexible) outline itineraries including more than 20 destinations have been created for 2010 within three distinct categories:
Sub-Zero (comprising South Pole, Arctic, Polar Research station, Spitsbergen)
Wilderness (comprising Borneo, Mongolia, Jordan, Yukon, Baja)
Ski (comprising Surf & Ski, Kashmir, Lebanon, Japan, British Columbia, St Moritz, Ski the World)

Momentum Adventure Journey packages start at £5,000


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