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Sandy Lane Launches Signature Room Fragrances

To many people, scent is the most evocative of senses. Catching a note of a particular fragrance can often transport a person back to a happy time or place, in much the same way a song or photograph can. The difference however, is that scent is involuntary. You’d need to actively look at a photograph, or turn on the stereo to hear that song. Scent is ubiquitous, scent is part of the atmosphere, you can’t turn it off. This is why scent has been used for years to influence our behaviour and reactions to stimuli. The house for sale that smells of freshly baked bread, the petrol station that smells of fresh coffee, just two of the more cynical ways the commercial sector has found to influence our behaviour. But we can use scent for our own benefit too – and the ways we can do this are evolving.
If you’ve ever been somewhere and wanted to bottle its unique atmosphere, you’ll probably understand the value of aromatherapy. For generations, our bodies have been the sole beneficiaries of aromatherapy, where scent is combined with touch to reinvigorate and revive. Scents are created, combined and manipulated to yield optimum results, painstakingly selected and paired together to create unique moods and atmospheres.
Human beings are capable of identifying approximately ten thousands distinct aromas. So imagine then, the power of ambient aromatherapy in your home. Imagine the change to your behaviour or mood that could be achieved with by controlling the way scent and aroma interact with you and your surroundings. We’re not talking a plug in and play room deodoriser, but meticulously crafted scents that enhance and augment a good feeling. Imagine if you bring in to your home the very mood that you once dreamed of bottling.
Bottling Atmosphere
Sandy Lane, the iconic Barbados hotel, has acknowledge the role scent plays in their guest’s experience. Hopefully, with the launch of their signature room scents range, they’ll be the first of many to bring true aromatherapy in to the home. Inspired by their exclusive range of massage oils, Sandy Lane have partnered with Aromatherapy Associates to develop a range of room fragrances that evoke the mood and atmosphere of the iconic resort.
 Tracy Archer, Spa Manager commented “The partnership between Sandy Lane and Aromatherapy Associates has blossomed since its inception. We are therefore delighted to be able to offer our guests the first branded Spa at Sandy Lane products. Aromatherapy Associates’ distinctive products have always proved very popular with our guests so we wanted to take this one step further with the creation of an exclusive selection of burning oils. Guests will be able to purchase these two fragrances and recreate the unique and euphoric feeling experienced in the spa once they arrive home.”
How Does Aromatherapy Work?
Being an alternative practice, the link between aromatherapy and wellness is anecdotal. A clinical study at Ohio State University found that aromatherapy makes a person feel good, but it hasn’t been proved that it makes a person feel well. Although there are several studies that link the benefits of feeling good, relaxation and stress reduction with general well being. The essential thing to remember about aromatherapy is that the sole aim is to make the recipient feel good. Always approach cast iron guarantees of improved health with scepticism.
Aromatherapy is based around the link between the olfactory system (the nose, scent receptors and brain) and the limbic system, the part of the brain that controls memory and emotion. As mentioned, it is often the strongest sensation of all when a scent evokes a memory or place – and this is the basis of aromatherapy. Carefully constructed scent combinations, essential oils and plant extracts are used in conjunction with touch, massage and soft tissue manipulation to place the person into a state of relaxation.
The volatile organic compounds found in certain plant materials, the key ingredients in aromatherapy products, can be used in two ways. If absorbed as a scent, they manipulate the brain and limbic system, whilst if applied topically to the skin, they affect and activate the skin’s thermal receptors, which can heighten the immune system.
Whilst on the surface, aromatherapy is about nice smells and memories, the science and theory behind it runs much deeper.

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