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Wedding Reportage – The Next Generation in Luxury Wedding Services?

By Judith Pratt.

When you consider the level of detail and preparation that goes into making a wedding unique, it seems remarkable that so many of us are happy to settle for a simple, dare I say, standard photo album.

While the photo album is as much a part of the wedding tradition as cake and bridesmaids, it’s curious that this element of the big day hasn’t evolved into something more special. Every element of the wedding day has its luxury option and bespoke alternative, yet we’re still ordering the same old photo albums.

One company doing their bit to redefine the concept of wedding mementos is Unique Wedding Memories. A team of professional lifestyle journalists, editors and photographers who have spotted a niche for unique, premium quality wedding souvenirs. Their luxury wedding books offer so much more than a place to display your wedding photographs.

By combining lifestyle reportage with journalist flair, they have created a concept that is bound to appeal to those seeking more than a photo album to remember their day by.

Vanity Printing Press commissioning editor Charles Michum explained the vision:

“Lots of things happen on a wedding day that you simply can’t capture with just photos. Important memories such as the vows, best man’s speech and first song fade into obscurity and people find themselves forgetting that precious detail. That’s where our journalism experience comes in. We know people want photos, but many of our clients don’t realise how much detail can be missed until they receive their book and are able to reflect on the finer nuances of the day.”

“We interview guests, transcribe all the speeches and use our journalistic nous to distill the essence of the celebration into words. We then take a selection of the most editorially intriguing photos to illustrate the story that we uncovered. We can create traditional wedding albums to go alongside the book, so there’s no pressure to cram them all in alongside the editorial.”

Based on the luxurious samples we received, it’s hard to imagine this kind of service not taking off. The sheer range and flexibility of package options means that there’s a reportage choice for every wedding. An all out luxury package including 12”x12” hard-back books, 12”x12” hard-back photo albums plus smaller hard-back memento books can cost as little as £700 or as much as £6,000, depending on the level of service required.

“There are two ways to make your wedding book. You can have a Unique Wedding Memories editorial team attend your wedding and discreetly gather everything they need for your book. Or we can make your book without attending if you’d prefer.

Our editorial team will prepare a brief so that you, or more typically one of your guests, can get all of the essential information on the day. We can supervise and support if needed, one of our team is always on call. Then we put our editor hats on and turn the material into a professionally designed and written reportage spread. This approach particularly suits those having an intimate wedding and couple’s who’d prefer to keep a cap on their spending. Wedding reportage can be a luxury, or it can be a smart value-add that takes the hassle out of ordering photo albums. It’s up to the couple how they want to use our skill and experience.” Explained Charles.

As well as editorial, Charles’ team can also handle your photographic needs.

“For couples who want the convenience and peace of mind of having a team of professional journalists documenting their entire day, we can also supply professional and experienced wedding photographers. We only use photo-journalists that we know and trust and the copyright of the photos belongs to you immediately. There are no delays in getting your photos back and you don’t have to pay any extra for a disc. We can usually get your book back to you in less time than it takes a typical photographer to turn around a photo album.”

Flexible packages range from £500 – £6,499

Work in partnership with wedding planners and consultants, if required.

Optional extras include DVD of guest interviews, memento books, albums, unique and personalised “thank you” books for bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Multi-lingual editors, including Urdu speakers.

No copyright restrictions.

Electronic proof-copy for the client to sign off.

As many copies as required.

Wedding anniversary gift packages.


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